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Hello Northeast Wisconsin!

It has been quite a while since my last post.  Due to a family tragedy, my heart just hasn’t been where it should and I apologize for that.

Our first real snow arrived a couple of days ago on a Green Bay Packers game day and I witnessed a situation that needs to be addressed in hopes of saving lives.

So many pedestrians nowadays take advantage of their rights when crossing the street, whether it is purposefully walking slow while in the crosswalk or by just walking straight into it when the light tells them to.  It’s the second behavior that I want to highlight today.

As a pedestrian going into a crosswalk you DO have the right of way and vehicles are required by LAW to stop for you.  However, it is your duty to look before you get into that crosswalk to ensure that no vehicle has the potential to hit you because, for example, they were already mostly through the intersection before the light turned red for them and green for you.

I saw a different twist on this on Sunday.  A pedestrian walked into the crosswalk (without turning their head) as the light turned green and a vehicle in the lane closest to him/her (bundled up) tried to stop but started sliding because of the slick roads.  Remember, you don’t have to be going fast to lose traction and it didn’t appear that the vehicle was speeding or anything like that.

Luckily, the car arrived at and stopped in the crosswalk just ahead of the pedestrian and no impact happened.  It could have been much, much worse.

The lesson: Look both ways before crossing the street.  I am not sure how this simple teaching has gone by the wayside over the years, but it sure needs to make a comeback, in this taxi driver’s opinion.  I could show many examples from our dash cameras of pedestrians acting like the crosswalk was no different than the sidewalk.  This does not even involve distractions like cell phones or full headphones.

Please be safe and if you feel you are impaired or otherwise unable to safely get from Point A to Point B, please consider a call or text to Able Taxi and Tours at (920) 265-7760.


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