Supply and Demand

Let’s talk about how supply and demand affects parts of the Green Bay area during the Packers season.

Local hotels get booked up pretty fast just after the schedule is published for the upcoming football season.  The demand is so great that many local hotels have gone to a two night minimum, with rates up to 400 percent of a regular night’s stay.  That is supply and demand at work.  With a fixed supply, the more demand, the higher the price.

During most of the year, the demand for taxis in Green Bay is moderate to low, if you ignore the hours of 1:00 AM to 2:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  The “bar scene” demand many times exceeds the supply during those times.  I am unaware of any taxi company that has rates that officially change during those times.

During Packers Game Day (and for some taxi companies, the entire weekend) taxi fare rates increase.  The difference for Able Taxi fare rates between regular local and game day local is $10.  If a taxi stays around the Green Bay/DePere/Howard area, most taxi game day rates are unaffected.  If you come in to Green Bay from a distance of over 25 miles or so before a game, when the demand is raised, but not overwhelming, our rate also stays the same.

However, if you want to have the convenience of leaving the Green Bay area right after a Packers game, during “gridlock” traffic, there will be a surcharge for that trip.  The main reason for the surcharge is that you will be taking that driver and taxi out of the “earning area” for an extended period of time.  There are allegedly more than a few local taxi companies that will not even allow their drivers leave the Green Bay area just because of that potential loss of earnings.

We occasionally get emails asking for distance travel like that described above.  Rates to the game and back from the game are given and approximately half of the time they are accepted.  Either way, no one gets into one of our taxis for an out of area ride without knowing the amount of the cash fare.

Whether you agree with this principle of supply and demand or not, the bottom line is Able Taxi can get you home safely, anywhere in Wisconsin, at a fraction of the cost of a possible DUI conviction, without the repercussions of that conviction.

Book your reservations early for your next Green Bay Packers game.  Our number is (920) 265-7760 for phone or text reservations, or you can email us at


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