It’s time to update an old topic: No Shows/Last Minute Cancellations.

A while ago I told you that we instituted a policy of getting a non-refundable deposit for all first time users because of the many instances of people calling us and not being there when our taxi showed up because they called another cab, fell asleep, changed their mind, etc or cancelling when our taxi was almost at the requested pick up point because a friend/relative/neighbor was found to fill their needs.

When you rationally think about it, everyone I explain this situation to in person agrees that that sort of behavior (breaking a verbal contract) is wrong.  However, it seems that most every time we let our guard down and try to take a caller at their word, we get burned.  I’m not talking about homeless people or felons, I am talking about a professional business woman that needs to get to work because of a dead battery, or a person who needs to get to a doctor’s appointment because their garage door doesn’t function, holding their car hostage.  Seemingly good people in bad situations, yes?  That’s the kind of situation that melted our heart …so it could get stomped on.

The purpose of this post (rant?) is to remind anyone that reads it to remember that taxi drivers are people too.  They deserve respect, especially when they are expending their time and money to fulfill their part of a verbal contract.  They don’t need people stealing from them.  Traveling to a destination, sometimes up to 10 miles or more, represents an investment/expenditure on their part and should be treated as an obligation on the part of the person who requested their services.

Please consider this when you next call for a taxi.  Respect.


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