Perhaps the most asked question we get from potential passengers is, “How much will it cost to get me to (fill in the blank)?”  Most of the time this is a pretty straight-forward question that is easily answered, provided we know the distance to their desired destination.  This page should help you to estimate your own trip cost based on our simple formulas.

We calculate mileage by zeroing out the vehicle’s tripometer at the beginning of each trip.  In the case of multiple destinations in one trip, we usually have our GPS calculate the distance back to the original pick up location.

All of our prices are for up to 6 passengers in one of our Minivans or 4 passengers in our sedan.  A $3 per trip charge will be assessed for each additional passenger over those amounts.

Each separate destination is counted as one fare!
We do NOT allow ride-sharing.  This means that if you and a friend hire one of our taxis to go to two separate destinations and you ride together, each trip will be charged separately from pick up point to each destination.

Our Awesomesauce Rates


Our rates, summarized for easy reading.

Local Rate (Green Bay) $10 for first 3 miles + $3.00 per mile after
Major Event Local rates + $10
Airport Rate $15 pickup + $2.00 per mile (1 to 20) / $3.00 per mile (20.1+)
Call Ahead Airport Pickup (12 Hours or More Prior) Pickup discounted to $10
Extra Passenger (over 6) $3 per passenger (see below)
Wait Time $1.00 per minute (see below)
See below for details on all rates.  Prices are for up to 6 passengers in our Minivans or 4 passengers in our sedan.

Fare Example

(Here comes the story problem we all used to hate in math class):

Passengers A & B travel together from downtown Green Bay to a bar close to Lambeau Field:

  • Passenger A is dropped off at that bar.
  • Passenger B then travels alone to downtown DePere and is dropped off there.

Passenger A will be charged from downtown Green Bay to that bar.
Passenger B will be charged from downtown Green Bay to downtown DePere.

Local Rate

(Driver Tips not included.)

Our basic charge in the Green Bay area is $10.00 for the first 3 miles  then $3.00 per mile from there on.


  • 6 minivan passengers going 3 miles would cost $10.00
    ($10 flat rate)
  • 8 minivan passengers going 3 miles would cost $16.00
    ($10 flat rate pick up + $3 for passenger 7 +$3 for passenger 8)

Airport Rate

(Driver Tips not included.)

Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB)

Our basic charge for the Green Bay airports is $15 for the pick up and then $2.00 per mile up through mile 20.  At mile 20.1 and beyond, the mileage rate goes to $3.00 per mile.

Call-Ahead Airport Discount

If you call ahead and reserve a pick up at the airport for your incoming flight, our pick up fee is discounted to $10.00. We now offer the same discount if you reserve your trip to the airport at least 12 hours in advance of your pick up time. (This discount is not available on event days, such as Packers Game Day.)

Major Event

(Driver Tips not included.)

For example: Packer Weekends, concerts, etc.

We add $10 to our local rates.

This one is easy math.  Just as the costs for hotel stays on Packer Weekends may double, triple or quadruple their normal room charges due to the Law of Supply and Demand, there is usually a slight increase in the pick up fee that Green Bay Taxi Companies charge.  In addition, if you travel out of the Green Bay area (25 miles or more) during a peak demand time like right after a Packers game, there will be an added surcharge for that trip.  The surcharge amount will be determined by the distance of your trip.

Wait Time Rate

Many times, especially late at night, our drivers will get requests to “go through the drive through” of a local fast food restaurant, or to “stop at a gas station” so the passenger can get some food or supplies.  We don’t mind accommodating these requests, when at all possible.

We just have a $1.00 per minute charge for the amount of time it takes from when the taxicab enters a drive through line or when it parks in front of a convenience store until the time that the passenger(s) get back into the taxi, having concluded their business with that establishment.

If a passenger offers to buy one of our drivers some food while at either type of business, this does NOT substitute for the wait charge.  Most of the time, an “in and out” type stop won’t incur a wait charge, but we strive to inform every passenger that asks to stop somewhere that we do have a “wait charge” so they can make an informed decision.

Our wait time rate also applies to waiting for a passenger to enter the taxicab after their reserved time of pick up.

The wait time starts when the passenger is notified that the taxi has arrived and is available for the pick up in the case of a call for a taxi without a prior reservation.