Happy Birthday!! #2

August 15th is here again, and with it brings the second anniversary of the founding of Able Taxi and Tours LLC.

Our dedicated drivers and staff would like to thank everyone out there for their support and goodwill.  We are still having fun and providing great transportation services to the Green Bay and Appleton area.

If you would like to get to know us better and have us take you around town or the area, just call or text us and make your reservation at (920) 265-7760.



EAA AirVenture is next week and Able Taxi and Tours LLC is running flat rate pricing from Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) and Outagamie County Regional Airport (ATW) to Wittman Field (OSH) in Oshkosh.

Our flat fees are:

GRB to OSH – $100

ATW to OSH – $50

We are also on the EAA approved vendor list and plan on having a taxi at the bus park daily to provide for local transportation needs during AirVenture week.

Just give us a call or text at 920-265-7760 to set up your trip to what will be the world’s busiest airport.



The Sun Arrived, At LAST!!

Northeast Wisconsin is finally seeing back to back days with outside temperatures above 70 degrees.  Along with this virtual heat wave comes summer fun: reunions, day trips and increased late night activities.  Did I mention weddings?

Now is the time to plan ahead and make sure your friends and loved ones are protected after consumption of “adult beverages”.  Since DUIs are now a revenue stream in Wisconsin and elsewhere, trading the large, long-lasting costs of a DUI for a small investment in a taxi ride home after a gathering makes a lot of sense.  Just ask someone who has gone through the DUI process.

Able Taxi and Tours LLC is a perfect choice for your personal and business transportation, whether you need to get to and from a local party, the airport or you want to go on a care-free day trip to Door County or Wisconsin Dells.

Demand for quality transport is increasing and the supply is limited, so call us at (920) 265-7760 to reserve your taxi today.


Appleton Here We Come

It’s official.  Even though it took two months longer than expected, we were finally notified today that our lease to provide taxi services at the Outagamie County Airport was finalized and signed.

This means that Able Taxi and Tours LLC is one of only four taxi service companies legally authorized to pick up passengers from ATW.  It also marks a significant expansion and opportunity for us as a company.  Because of this lease, we may now be the most heavily insured taxi company in the Green Bay Area.  (ATW/Outagamie County required a LOT of additional insurance.)

We will still maintain a steady presence at Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) in Green Bay in addition to our other activities.  We look forward to this new challenge and hope to see some of you as you fly in and out of both airports.

If you need transportation in Green Bay, Appleton or beyond, just give us a call or text us at (920) 265-7760.


It’s that time again… HNY!!

It’s also been a while since we updated you all on our activities.

Early in November, an hour or so after the end of a Packer home game, a drunk driver decided to hit-and-run one of our taxis.  There were plenty of witnesses and the driver was caught within a very short period of time.  The collision severely injured our driver and totaled our taxi.  We will hopefully find out tomorrow if our driver can drive professionally again soon.  The drunk driver had his first day in court a week or so ago.  His insurance company, lets just say, has been difficult to deal with.  Thank goodness our insurance broker is good at his job.  Thank you Dave Anderson from Vincent Urban Walker Insurance in Green Bay.

It was our plan to expand the Able Taxi and Tours LLC fleet from 4 to 5 vehicles in the spring or summer of 2014.  We had to jump through a lot of hoops to accelerate that plan and get another van purchased, prepared and licensed to try to salvage the last two Packer home games.  At least we are back up to 4 taxis in time for New Year’s Eve and Day.  We are expecting a lot of traffic so we are again using two dispatchers to try to keep track of all of the calls and drivers.

This brings me to the meat of today’s post:  New Year’s Eve.

It is going to be COLD!!  For those of you who watched Good Morning, Vietnam, it will be the inverse of Adrian’s “It’s so Hot” speech.  I know a bunch of you will go to your parties in the skimpiest of outfits, or just without coats, and then will think you are OK because you can’t feel the cold after you have had a few drinks.  Please think again.  I suggest that you make some arrangements in your group for one person to watch your coats (a Designated Coat Watcher, if you will) while you take turns having a good time.

One good reason you want to bundle up is that it could be a substantial wait to get a taxi (or other) ride home.   And if you are one of those poor individuals that gets tossed out of a bar for whatever reason, you will want to survive the extreme cold until your ride arrives.  With high temperatures expected to be in the low single digits, be prepared, please.

This year, with one New Year’s marathon under our belt, we will be dispatching a bit differently.  We will inform anyone that calls or texts us at (920) 265-7760 for a pickup what their position is in the queue.  We realistically cannot give accurate time estimates when you are 10th on the list, but instead will be calling or texting you when the next driver is available.  Once the driver is available, we should be able to provide a general idea of the time of your pick up.

Once you get a call or text from us, please be ready to go when the taxi gets there.  If you wait until it arrives and then decide to round up your party, you are just making it difficult for us to do our jobs (not to mention possibly incurring wait time charges) and you will be inconveniencing those that are after you on the list.  If everyone cooperates, we should be able to serve a greater number of passengers safely from pickup to destination.

So far we are the only taxi company in Green Bay that routinely accepts text messages, as far as I know.  Using a text message is better for both parties because it cuts down on misunderstandings as far as destinations and pick up points.  It is also great for people that are stuck in places with a lot of noise.  If you text, please include your name, number in your party, pick up point and final destination(s).  Please also let us know if there is more than one final destination as we do not ride share and we also need to be able to plan for the driver’s next pick up destination.  If you only tell us your first destination, for example downtown De Pere, and omit your second destination, for example some where in Allouez, we will be expecting an entirely different time of travel when estimating for the next people on the waiting list.  If you will be picked up in a location with a lot of people, please let us know if you have any distinctive item of clothing that will make it easier for our driver to pick you out of the crowd.

Our dispatcher will more than likely give you a code to use with our drivers.  This code is unique to your call and will hopefully keep someone from stealing your taxi!  We honor our commitments to you because we enter into a verbal contract with you when we dispatch a taxi to your location, upon your request.

If you send a text and don’t get a response within 5 minutes, there is a chance that our dispatcher didn’t get it.  They are trained to respond to all texts with at least a “K” to let you know we got the message.  Sometimes it takes a while, so please be patient.  Feel free to re-send your original text after you have waited at least 5 minutes.  Who knows, our incoming dispatcher may be sweating, shaking and in the fetal position on the floor by 2 AM.  (jk)

And, as always, if your plans change and you no longer need our services, please let us know.  Our policy is to call you at least twice and send you a text letting you know your driver is available.  If we don’t need to bother you, don’t make us go through those steps. 🙂

That’s about it for now.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to serving your transportation needs in 2014 and beyond.  Happy New Year!



Bright Lights in the Big City

In the last couple of weekends, it seems like I have seen more red and blue lights flashing than ever before.  The police seem to be everywhere!

They made almost a record amount of DUI stops/arrests in that same time frame.  In addition to the public safety aspect, I believe that DUI/OWI represents a revenue stream that has been recognized by many local governments.  In speaking with passengers that have been convicted of driving under the influence, they tell me their costs can exceed $10,000 before all is said and done.

Add to that staggering total the inconvenience of having to work with a distracting breathalyzer or restricted personal movement for a year.

I am not a fan of drunk drivers.  My family was almost wiped out by one of them when I was a baby.  They take chances that others may have to pay for.  However, I do support the right of every eligible adult to drink alcoholic beverage to their tolerance level, whatever that may be.

Responsible drinkers arrange for transportation BEFORE they go out drinking.

Be a responsible drinker.  If you are in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, call Able Taxi and Tours LLC at 920-265-7760.  We take (and keep) reservations.


Happy Birthday!!

On August 15th, Able Taxi and Tours LLC turned one year old!

Starting out at this time last year with only one taxi and then building to our current fleet of four seems like a continuous whirlwind of activity.  As a matter of fact, it has been quite a challenge and growing this business has taken a good team effort by our family, staff and drivers.  Thank you all.

We all look forward to providing you with more quality transportation and building not only our reputation, but adding to the reputation of the Greater Green Bay community as well.

Feel welcome to join us on our journey.  Call 920-265-7760.


Welcome Number 4!!

With the start of the 2013 NFL season just around the corner, our thoughts turn to number 4.

Wait a minute! Not HIM!!

Able Taxi and Tours LLC now has four vans.  The latest member of our hardworking fleet is a fully loaded Chrysler Town & Country minivan.  It has been transformed into our signature bright orange and is now fully licensed and permitted.  We had the joy of seeing all four vans hard at work at Austin Straubel International Airport yesterday.   …And fun was had by all.

In just over a week from now we will be putting our logo and slogan, “What a Bright Idea!” on the front and back.  It’s new distinctive paint should be in good condition by then.

Van number 27 joins the others and is ready to serve your local and long distance transportation needs.

Just give us a call and we can get you to where you want to go.

Go Pack!


Happy 4th of July!!

Time surely does fly when you are having fun.  Here we are, celebrating the 4th of July in the Greater Green Bay area and it seems like just yesterday that it was Memorial Day.

Tonight will most likely be a very active time in the downtown area of Green Bay.  Traffic will be busy, but for many that start their “Activities” early, that won’t be much of an issue.  What could turn out to be an issue is getting safely home after to much exposure to “adult beverages”.

If you know you and your friends will be partying and having a good time and you haven’t found a designated driver, we would like to apply for that position.  Just call ahead and let us know when you would like to be picked up and we will put you on the schedule so you don’t have to compete for a limited resource when its time to exit downtown and head home.  As always, if we agree on a pick up time and something interferes with us being on time, we will call you and update you on the situation.

We will be running our full fleet of 3 vans tonight.  Just look for the only bright orange minivans in Green Bay to find a safe and reliable ride home.

We take credit and debit cards in all of our vehicles, so if you ran out of cash that’s not a problem.  Just remember to have a photo ID available because we check them as a part of our identity theft protection program.

Have a Fantastic 4th!  God Bless the USA!


Thanks for the Memories

As we celebrate Memorial Day here in Green Bay and around the United States of America, we at Able Taxi and Tours LLC would like to extend our thanks to all current and past veterans of our Armed Forces for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make on our behalf.

Our family has a strong military past and present and we understand the hardships of war and peacetime deployments. That is why we also say a heartfelt “Thank You” to the families of those past and present service members.

Finally, and primarily on this day of remembrance, we pray for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free and who helped to keep us the greatest nation on earth.

God Bless the USA!