… and your little dog too!

It seems like new situations crop up for us here at Able Taxi and Tours LLC all the time.  Just when you think you understand something, a variation comes along and causes change.

Today’s brief topic is on the exemption that taxis have to the seat belt law in Wisconsin.  Disclaimer:  most of this information came from my insurance guru (agent).

Good news is you are apparently exempt from the mandatory use of seat belts while riding in a taxi in Wisconsin.  Not the best idea, but maybe the authors of the statute were worried about compliance and enforcement when dealing with impaired passengers.  I am sure somebody knows why.

In the same vein, that exemption also applies to child restraint systems.  Even worse idea, in my opinion, but apparently you can have any size child sitting on your lap or seat belted just like an adult.

“Way cool!”, you might say.  “I can get my small children from point A to point B and not have to lug those stupid carriers around”.

Not so fast.

While the exemption exists for kids and their carriers, no insurance carrier operating in Wisconsin will cover injuries to children if they are not in an approved child restraint.

Best advice:  Children grow up fast and soon will not need a safety seat.  Protect what you Love.  Bring child seats when riding in a taxi, just in case.

We look forward to getting you and your loved ones safely to your destination.  Just call us at (920) 265-7760 to schedule your next family outing.


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