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After over four years of being a volunteer designated driver in the Green Bay area, Kurt II (also known as McLovin) started driving for a local cab company.  After 6 months or so he decided that opening his own company would allow him to offer something substantially different to local and long distance travelers based in Green Bay.

Just before his 26th birthday and with the full support of his entire family he purchased his first two Oldsmobile Silhouettes and the rest… is becoming history. 🙂


As simplistic as it sounds, we look forward to a day when the citizens of Green Bay and the surrounding area actually look forward to riding in a taxi, rather than looking on them as a necessary evil in times of absolute need.  We look for a future when the description of a “normal” taxicab driver in Green Bay is a lot more flattering that it is presently.  We want our passengers to feel better and have a better day after they have ridden with one of our drivers.


All of us at Able Taxi and Tours LLC know that in order to change any perception it requires exposure, repetition and time.  To these ends we are dedicated to finding friendly, motivated and qualified drivers that will enhance every aspect of the taxicab experience.  We look forward to serving our passengers not just once, but repeatedly over an extended period of time so they can experience our consistently high level of customer service.


Since its beginning in 2012, Able Taxi and Tours LLC set out to provide a quality service at a competitive price and we believe we fully succeeded in that mission.  Unfortunately, market forces (Uber/Lyft) and government regulations/requirements with regard to employees have proven more than we can handle on a longer term basis.

It is for those reasons that Able Taxi and Tours LLC will end active operations as of midnight on February 28, 2018.  We will be offering all four of our vehicles for private sale starting March 1, 2018.

We are ending the business with heavy hearts after 5 ½ years of operation.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide transportation services to many people while they were in the Green Bay and Appleton areas.